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Pulse Report: Ontario/Manitoba beans flowering

By Commodity News Service Canada July 20 (CNS Canada) – Dry beans in Ontario are starting to flower and growers were out in fields scouting for signs of mould. Some growers reported finding western bean cutworm in traps, prompting the need for additional monitoring. In Manitoba, warmer temperatures have advanced dry bean growth with many […] Read more

Pulses: Canada holds top market share in US

By Commodity News Service Canada July 19 (CNS Canada) – Data released by the United States Department of Agriculture showed Canada holds a 43.97 per cent market share in U.S. pulse imports. The report, which covers imports over the last 5.5 years, showed the value of Canadian pulse imports into the U.S. has averaged US$313.235 […] Read more

Pulse Report: Manitoba peas flowering; Northern U.S. production drying up

By Commodity News Service Canada WINNIPEG, July 18 (CNS Canada) – Manitoba Agriculture reports in its latest crop report, for the week ending July 17 that most peas in the central region are flowering, and pod forming is well underway. Aphids have been reported, although at levels below the economic threshold for spraying. In the […] Read more

Pulses: Minimal Canadian pea/lentil exports in latest report

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, July 17 (CNS Canada) – Canada exported only 500 tonnes of peas and 200 tonnes of lentils during the week ended July 9 as old crop business slows down for the season, according to the latest report from the Canadian Grain Commission. Total exports of both crops are still […] Read more

Pulses: Blister beetles spotted in Alberta

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, July 14 (CNS) – Blister beetles have been spotted in some Alberta crops. Although they don’t target pulses specifically, they have been known to feed on lentils and chickpeas. Aphids continue to be sighted in Manitoba pea fields, according to the province. As well, stripe rust has been spotted, […] Read more

Pulse Report: Ontario beans making gains

By Commodity News Service Canada July 13 (CNS Canada) – Ontario dry beans continue to make headway despite heavy rain in some areas, according the Thompsons In-Season Crop Report. Bean growers in Ontario, as well as Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba welcomed the heat. The warmer temperatures also gave growers who needed to replant […] Read more

Pulse report: Report shows U.S. bean acreage on the rise

By Commodity News Service Canada July 12 (CNS Canada) – The United States Department of Agriculture, the National Agricultural Statistics Service and the Agricultural Statistics Board released a crop production update July 12, which shows U.S. growers expect to harvest 1.77 million acres of edible beans. That compares to 1.56 million acres in 2016. For […] Read more

Pulse Report: Pulse crops progressing

By Commodity News Service Canada July 11 (CNS Canada) – Pulse crops through most of Manitoba are developing well, according the Manitoba Agriculture crop report. Peas in the southwest region are flowering with early-seeded peas forming pods. Aphids have not been a major concern. In the northwest, fababeans are in the vegetative stage of growth, […] Read more

Pulses: Blight becoming concern for Manitoba kidney beans

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, July 10 – Manitoba dry beans have entered the late vegetative stage, according to the latest report from Manitoba Pulse. Flowering is set to begin any day now. Bacterial blight is showing up in a few fields though, which is especially worrisome for kidney beans. Meantime field peas are […] Read more

Pulses: Ample supplies limit rise in oat prices

By Commodity News Service Canada Winnipeg, July 7 – Large world supplies of oats are tempering the advances the commodity might otherwise have seen due to the recent heat wave in the Northern US and the Canadian Prairies. Canadian farmers seeded 3.22 million acres of oats this spring, which was up from the 2.83 million […] Read more