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It’s not pretty but it’s not a disaster yet, says top pulse official

India’s pea tariff has roiled markets, but Gordon Bacon urges farmers to wait and see how things play out

Canada’s top pulse official says predictions that India’s bolt-out-of-the-blue tariff could slash Prairie pea acreage by a third are premature. “Things are changing very rapidly right now,” said Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada. “India is under a lot of pressure to do something that both provides some price support to their farmers — but acknowledges […] Read more

washing a beef carcass

Mexico opens the doors to over-30-month Canadian beef

Deal could see Canadian beef exports to Mexico grow to more than $250 million yearly, says CCA

Canada and Mexico have agreed to settle a pair of protracted bilateral disputes — Canada would scrap rules obliging Mexican visitors to obtain visas while Mexico would allow expanded imports of Canadian beef starting in October. The Oct. 1 effective date is particularly important in terms of timing as it provides producers with an expanded […] Read more

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Neonics ban results in bug damage to crops

Rapeseed crops show damage four weeks after planting

Reuters – Rapeseed crops in Germany are suffering unusually high levels of insect damage this autumn following the European Union’s ban on neonics, says the German farming association DBV. Some farmers may suffer lower yields in the upcoming 2015 rapeseed harvest, it said. The EU has decided to restrict neonicotinoids which have been linked to […] Read more

Disinfectant ineffective against pig virus — U.S. study

Stalosan F disinfectant shown effective on PRRSv, but not PEDv

A disinfectant used in the U.S. livestock industry has so far proven ineffective in preventing the spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), a study funded by the pork industry has found. “Our research unfortunately says that Stalosan F, given the conditions in which we tested it, was not effective in killing the PED virus,” […] Read more

U.S. aligns beef rules with OIE’s BSE standards

The U.S. government on Nov. 1 issued new import rules for cattle and beef that will comply with international standards for the prevention of BSE, saying the step could ultimately boost U.S. beef exports. The European Union said the U.S. move would bring a welcome reopening of a market closed to its beef since January […] Read more

India to cut wheat price to boost exports

India may soon cut the floor price for exports of wheat from government warehouses by 13 per cent, government sources said on Oct. 15, which could boost shipments and put downward pressure on benchmark prices in Chicago. The move could come after state-run trading firms in the world’s second-biggest wheat producer after China earlier this […] Read more

Brazil soy crushers struggling despite record crop and soaring exports

For the first time ever, Brazil is expected to export more soybeans than it crushes domestically this year

The Brazilian soybean crush is at its lowest level since 2009 despite a record harvest of 81.6 million tonnes that finished in May. About 19.3 million tonnes of soybeans were crushed from the start of the industrial year in February through the end of July, down seven per cent from the 20.8 million tonnes crushed […] Read more

U.S. horse registry to be ordered to allow clones

AU.S. horse association soon will be required to add cloned horses and their offspring to its prestigious registry, a federal judge in Texas ruled last week. The decision could encourage cloning and open the way for the animals to participate in lucrative horse races. U.S. District Court Judge Mary Lou Robinson said she will sign […] Read more

EU, U.S. leaders launch free trade talks

The United States and the European Union launched negotiations for the world’s most ambitious free trade deal June 17, promising thousands of new jobs and accelerated growth on both sides of the Atlantic. Trade between Europe and the United States is worth almost $3 billion a day and a pact could boost both the EU […] Read more