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Eastern Prairies warm up

Temperatures at the east end of the Prairies warmed Thursday but kept well below those seen further west. Highs hit +15 C around Medicine Hat, +12 C around Assiniboia in southern Saskatchewan, +7 C around Peace River, Lloydminster and Dauphin, +4 C around Brandon, Estevan and Melfort and +1 C up the west side of […] Read more

The top global weather stories of 2016 had a common theme

Whether you look at temperatures, ice at the poles, air quality, or the 
Fort Mac fires, the evidence of a warming planet is clear

It seems that a new list of the top global weather stories of 2016 comes out every day. So I thought I would go through some of these lists and pick the top stories that are shared by all of the lists. Of course, I might have a slight bias towards Canadian stories. I don’t think […] Read more

Saskatchewan snowpack points to below-normal runoff

Thanks to above-normal temperatures that drew down much of Saskatchewan’s snowpack in January, the province now sees “below normal runoff potential” in most areas outside the southeast. Saskatchewan’s Water Security Agency on Thursday released its 2017 preliminary outlook for spring runoff, noting the province has another six to 10 weeks of possible snowpack development. The […] Read more

When it came to severe weather, Alberta (thankfully) was no. 2

We still had nearly twice as many ‘hail events’ as usual, 
but Manitoba was worse off for once

The new year comes with the usual list of Top 10 things about the previous year, and in the category of weather, this really appears to be the case. There are the Top 10 Prairie weather stories, Top 10 Canadian weather stories, and the Top 10 world weather stories (which often tend to be skewed […] Read more

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