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Today’s precipitation

Data and maps from weather stations across the Prairies are available to Glacier FarmMedia members at the WeatherFarm website, where you can also sign up for a daily forecast email for your area. On the go? Get the WeatherFarm mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices. To learn more about the CoCoRaHS system that generates these […] Read more

Hot weather stressing crops, harvests seeing lower yields

Alberta crop conditions as of August 7, 2018

Since mid-July, variable precipitation has occurred across the province, with enough rain in some areas, while others are under dry conditions, especially in the southern part of the province. Hot temperatures added to the stress on crops and forages in dry areas, causing heat stress and pushing maturity quickly, resulting in lower than normal yields. […] Read more

Why Alberta gets more than its fair share of hail

The number or size of thunderstorms is less important than how close the freezing layer is to the ground

It’s time to continue our series of articles on different types of severe summer weather. I like to re-examine these topics every year or two due to the importance of understanding the different types of severe weather, and also because most people find this aspect of weather so fascinating. In this issue we are going to […] Read more

Alberta crop conditions decline, hay in short supply

Alberta crop conditions as of July 31, 2018

Provincial crop condition ratings declined a further 1.2 percentage points on the week. The South and Central areas are significantly below the provincial average at 39.6 and 51.6 per cent respectively. The Northwest area is on par with the province at 65.9 while the Northeast and the Peace conditions are bringing up the average at […] Read more

Drought’s effects linger on Prairies

CNS Canada — After a dry growing season last year in Western Canada, effects of the drought are still evident with news that most livestock producers won’t be doing a second cut of hay. “Pastures and hay fields didn’t get the moisture that they needed to really recharge over that winter period and get a […] Read more

Alberta crop conditions fall overall, poor hay supplies cause for concern

Alberta crop conditions as of July 24, 2018

Provincial crop conditions have dropped over seven points from last week. Northwest. Northeast and Peace regions saw minimal changes, while the South and Central have been most affected. The hot dry weather and limited rainfall played a part in the decline in these two regions. Although the Northeast and Northwest have experienced varied weather including […] Read more

manitoba corn

Ontario, Manitoba corn crops need rain

CNS Canada — Corn development in key growing areas of Ontario and Manitoba remains highly variable as the crop nears its yield-determining phase. “The pollination stage is the critical part of the corn-growing period and I would say probably within the next three weeks we will know what yield is going to look like,” said […] Read more

Prairie hay crops look thin in many areas

CNS Canada — Many farmers taking off their first hay cuts are also gathering more talking points to grumble over at coffee row. While many producers are still working to get the first cut done and the situation could change with the second cut, many regions are already reporting below-average yields. “In areas of the […] Read more

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