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Local dignitaries unveiled the sculpture by artist 
Dennis Muzyka June 28.  Photo: Barb Galbraith

Small Saskatchewan town home to very big oat plant

Reading Time: < 1 minute Despite the recent poor weather across much of the Prairies, a giant oat plant now stands in the small, but vibrant community of Ituna, Sask. Dennis Muzyka, a Melville high school shops teacher and local metal sculpture artist, designed and created the powder-coated steel structure. After intensive study of a single oat plant, Muzyka initially […] Read more

Virtual communities of pioneer women

Poignant letters Social media was alive and well a century ago 
in the pages of Prairie farm publications

Reading Time: 4 minutes Before the World Wide Web, women living on isolated homesteads belonged to virtual communities with much in common with today’s social media. These communities involved more than one physical location. They offered an exchange of ideas, opinions and information, and provided networking, education and problem-solving opportunities. Instead of Facebook or Twitter, they had names such […] Read more