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Scott Proudfoot took advantage of a forage seed rebate program to rejuvenate 
110 acres on his operation near Youngstown.

Fostering forage and grasslands in the Special Areas

The region has been hit hard by a multi-year drought so rejuvenating forage stands is a challenge

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a bitterly cold day with the wind blowing hard from the north and few trees to hide behind. Scott Proudfoot, though, has grown to cherish the wide-open spaces in the Special Areas of southeastern Alberta. “I’ve fallen in love with it out here. It’s one of the last places in the world you can […] Read more

A small mound of alfalfa seeds on a white background

Forage seed rebate offered for cropland conversion

Reading Time: < 1 minute Discounts on forage seed are once again being offered to producers who convert cropland to pasture. The 2019 forage program from Ducks Unlimited Canada and Nutrien Ag Solutions offers a $100 rebate on a 50-pound bag of Proven Seed forage varieties for farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Manitoba producers receive a rebate of $50 for every new forage […] Read more

These goats at Frank Lake are owned by Baah’d Plant Management 
& Reclamation, based in Calgary.

Goats and beetles used to fight invasive species

Leafy spurge is found across Alberta and its creeping root system makes it very difficult to control

Reading Time: < 1 minute Pull, mow, burn, and spray. These are common ways that Ducks Unlimited Canada manages invasive plant species on projects located on agricultural land. But there’s a new management tool in the mix now being used by the organization. It has started using goats and flea beetles to help combat leafy spurge at its Frank Lake […] Read more

Native grass prairies and sunset

Forage seed rebate offered

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ducks Unlimited Canada and Crop Production Services are again offering a forage seed rebate for producers wanting to sow fields to grass. Under the program, Alberta producers receive a $100 rebate on every 50-pound bag of Proven Seed forage varieties purchased at CPS retail locations. While the program is best suited to producers in the […] Read more

cattle grazing grass

Cropland conversion program seeing increased uptake

Program gives rebates on Proven Seed forages for producers putting cropland into grass

Reading Time: < 1 minute There’s increased interest in a program that offers producers a price break when converting cropland to forages, says Ducks Unlimited Canada. “Declining prices for wheat and other cereal crops, as well as a simultaneous increase in beef prices, are leading many landowners to seriously consider the move to increase their cattle herd,” said Craig Bishop, […] Read more

Ducks Unlimited Canada opens Strathmore office

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ducks Unlimited Canada has opened a new office in Strathmore. It will house an expanded number of wetland restoration and conservation staff and will complement DUC’s current network of personnel who already work in southern and central Alberta with landowners, communities and municipal governments within the counties of Acadia, Cypress, Wheatland, Foothills, Newell, Paintearth, Taber, […] Read more


Alberta wetlands receive funding for conservation projects

More than 1,300 acres will be conserved or restored thanks to $11.6 million grant

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ducks Unlimited Canada will receive more than $11.6 million in grant funds for wetland conservation and restoration work to help reduce the impact of flooding and drought in Alberta. The funding comes from the Alberta government’s Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program. Wetlands have the ability to store water and slow the release of water into […] Read more

Cattail thickets

Ducks Unlimited offers forage incentive plan

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ducks Unlimited Canada and Crop Production Services Canada is offering an incentive to producers willing to commit to keeping land in perennial cover for 10 years and not to drain wetlands. The forage incentive program underwrites seed costs of $100 per 50-pound bag, which is estimated to cover approximately 40 to 50 per cent of […] Read more

a group of conservationists

Initiative aims to showcase the benefits of growing winter wheat

Ducks Unlimited Canada teams up with Lakeland ag students to explore winter wheat’s potential

Reading Time: 2 minutes To many agricultural producers, winter wheat is an unknown and untried commodity. But a new project by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is intended to show winter wheat can add to a producer’s pocketbook, the land’s productivity, and nature’s ecological balance. This fall, DUC conservation specialist Bryon Wolters invited Lakeland’s crop technology students to take part in […] Read more

Special Dedication Honours Calgary Philanthropist

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Mr. Seaman’s quiet commitment and passion for supporting various causes is legendary.” Just 10 kilometres from Dorothy, conservation history was made recently. Family and friends of the late Daryl “Doc” Seaman, along with elected officials and guests from partnering organizations, gathered at the OH Ranch Dorothy to take part in a special dedication honouring Mr. […] Read more