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U. S. Hog Herd Smallest Since 2006 – for Oct. 11, 2010

Reading Time: < 1 minute USDA’s quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report Oct. 1 put the U. S. hog herd as of Sept. 1 at 64.991 million head, or 97.4 per cent of last year. That is smallest September 1 hog herd since 2006. However, the smaller herd was expected as analysts, on average, had estimated it at 97.2 per cent […] Read more

China Seen Opening Soon To U. S. Pork

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pork producers attending their annual meeting here are looking for China to be the next major market to open fully to U. S. pork following word this week that certificate problems with Russia have been solved and exports could start soon to that country. China is a potential major customer for U. S. pork in […] Read more

U. S. Hog Numbers Down

Reading Time: 2 minutes Government forecasters underestimated the number of U. S. hogs coming to market this year by about two per cent, producers said at an industry gathering last week. Low-quality feed, a harsh winter, and fewer hogs from Canada have reduced hog numbers. But analysts and producers at the National Pork Forum said those issues do not […] Read more

Decline In Stocks Supportive To U. S. Meat Prices

Reading Time: < 1 minute The amount of meat in U. S. warehouses at the end of January was down from a year earlier due to better demand and larger exports, and that should support meat prices in 2010. “Lower stocks across the board for all categories compared to last year shows that we are going to have a tighter […] Read more

U.S. Feedlot Cattle Supply Dips To Seven-Year Low

Reading Time: 2 minutes The number of cattle being fattened for the dining table on U.S. feedlots fell to the lowest level in seven years, but higher beef prices are still unlikely amid the sluggish economy, analysts said following a U.S. cattle-on-feed report Jan. 22. The number of cattle placed at these feedlots in December fell to an 11-year […] Read more

U.S. Cattle Herd At 36-Year Low Amid Poor Profits

Reading Time: 2 minutes The U.S. cattle herd was at a 36-year low in June and the number of cattle in feedlots was the smallest in 10 years, government data showed July 25, with the contraction expected to last till 2012. The herd is in the third year of reduction amid the recession, high grain prices and lingering concerns […] Read more

U. S. Pork Producers Brace For HBO Special

Reading Time: < 1 minute U. S. pork producers, already worried that high prices for their product may chase pinched shoppers to the chicken section, are now bracing for another possible hit – an HBO special on animal cruelty in factory farming. Producers at the annual Pork Industry Forum were discussing the documentary, “Death on a Factory Farm,” which the […] Read more

U. S fed cattle supply up, still historically low

Reading Time: 2 minutes The number of cattle being fattened in U. S. feedlots rose in November, but the tally is still near a historical low due to concerns the weak economy will hurt beef demand, analysts said. “Cattle on feed numbers grew seasonally from November to December, but the number of cattle on feed will be one of […] Read more