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A scrappy White House administration with no reverence for the hard-fought gains in global rules-based trading over the past three decades has had the entire agricultural sector on edge.

Opinion: The bar has been set lower in this new era of global trade

‘No loss’ is the definition of winning as the new version of NAFTA comes into effect

Reading Time: 3 minutes While many Canadians were enjoying backyard barbecues this summer after months of being isolated from family and friends, the country quietly embarked on a new era of trade with two of its largest trading partners. The U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA), referred to as the CUSMA in Canadian documents, came into force to replace the North American Free […] Read more

Rance: Sustainability isn’t a burden, but an opportunity

Reading Time: 3 minutes It didn’t take long for a young cattle rancher from Saskatchewan to capture the audience’s attention at the recent Canada 2020 National Forum on Agri-Food in Ottawa. “For me, the word ‘sustainability’ is synonymous with McDonald’s,” said Adrienne Ivey, who is part of a family corporation managing 3,000 beef cattle on a 10,000-acre spread near […] Read more

Tyson Foods launched its ¡Yappah! product with a campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Comment: Increasingly, food must not only taste good, but ‘feel good’

Flavour and price still count, but more people 
want food that appeals to their social conscience

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes deciding what to feed the family after a long, arduous day juggling daycare, jobs, and traffic seems overwhelmingly complicated. If a recent press release from the U.S.-based Tyson Innovation Lab is any indication, deciding what we’re going to put into our mouths next is about to get more cluttered with new products, new language, […] Read more

Ag ministers on NAFTA: ‘If it ain’t broke…’

Ag ministers on NAFTA: ‘If it ain’t broke…’

Donald Trump may not like NAFTA, but his new agriculture secretary doesn’t seem too fussed about it

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Canadian, American and Mexican agriculture ministers got together last month in Savannah, Georgia, they weren’t there to discuss what U.S. President Donald Trump has described as “worst trade deal in the history of the world.” On the contrary, they talked about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as though it was about the […] Read more

SeedMaster’s Norbert Beaujot sees DOT technology as one solution to a shortage of skilled operators.

Not just a driverless tractor, but no tractor at all

A global launch at Ag in Motion could change the way you farm

Reading Time: 4 minutes While farmers have been waiting impatiently for equipment designers to commercialize the driverless tractor, Prairie inventor and entrepreneur Norbert Beaujot has found a way to ditch the tractor altogether. And he’s rolling it out for the first time in July 18 to 20 at Ag in Motion (AIM), Western Canada’s outdoor farm show now in […] Read more

McDonald’s rolls out campaign thanking Canadian farmers

McDonald’s rolls out campaign thanking Canadian farmers

Eighty-five per cent of the food it serves three million Canadian customers 
per day comes from Canadian farmers

Reading Time: 2 minutes McDonald’s Canada wants Canadian farmers to know it couldn’t do it without them. The company has rolled out a new advertising campaign with commercials featuring empty containers for its most popular menu items with the slogan “not without Canadian farmers.” The TV and online campaign emphasizes the whopping big quantities of its farm purchases. “We […] Read more

Cows in a pen in Alberta, Canada

New national beef strategy is on the right track

The goals are ambitious, but what’s key is that the cattle sector 
is coalescing around a common vision

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beef industry leaders have outlined some gutsy goals for their sector to meet with their recently released National Beef Strategy. Boosting production efficiency by 15 per cent, increasing carcass cut-out value by 15 per cent and reducing cost disadvantage relative to global competitors by seven per cent by 2020 won’t be easy. But much of […] Read more

wild oats

Herbicide-resistant weeds are just the symptom

Is resistance the problem, or is it farmers’ dependence on chemistry?

Reading Time: 3 minutes For decades, the experts have treated the growing problem of herbicide-resistant weeds as something solvable by the next new chemistry or biological breakthrough. But now more are stepping back and acknowledging it as a symptom of a much bigger issue in modern agriculture. In fact, one of the world’s leading experts in managing herbicide resistance […] Read more

The ‘new’ wore off of ‘normal’ pretty quickly

The ‘new’ wore off of ‘normal’ pretty quickly

The grain industry may have gotten a little too optimistic 
after last year’s whopper of a crop

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s easy to get a little giddy when things go much better than expected. For example, take last year’s bin buster of a crop. By any measure, it was an astounding production feat. Western Canadian farmers shattered all previous records on most major crops, growing a whopping 76 million tonnes, 50 per cent higher than […] Read more

Out of step with the people who matter most

Out of step with the people who matter most

A $100,000 study of consumer perceptions of agriculture 
speaks volumes about those asking the questions

Reading Time: 3 minutes The final report to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada from a series of consumer focus groups it commissioned last year is enlightening — but not because of what it tells us about how domestic customers view this country’s agriculture sector. Rather it speaks volumes about the people asking the questions. The final report “Modern agriculture and […] Read more