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Wheat is killing us or maybe saving us

Reading Time: 3 minutes I can put up with a lot of abuse, but when you start attacking the ham sandwich I enjoy for lunch, I get defensive. Dr. William Davis, a U.S. cardiologist has written a book called Wheat Belly which I understand (I haven’t read the book) describes in great detail how and why wheat and whole […] Read more

New Formulation For Pea And Lentil Inoculant

Reading Time: 2 minutes STAFF |FORT MACLEOD Becker Underwood reports good results in tests of the new XL formulation of its Nodulator pea and lentil inoculant. The 40-acre plot on the Greenwood Hutterite Colony is one of 13 field-scale trials across Western Canada for Nodulator XL, developed with a new “highly active” strain of rhizobia, says Ralph deVries, Becker […] Read more

Winter pulses give farmers another option

Many farmers struggled to get a crop in this spring, and still others were happy to have had winter cereals in rotation to take some of the squeeze off a short seeding season. With wet weather persisting in some areas, the prospect of seeding a wider range of “winter” crops in late summer may have […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers named for 2009

Vegetable producers from P.E.I. farming about 150 acres, and a grain farming couple from Manitoba cropping about 13,000 acres, were named Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2009 at the national awards ceremony in Ottawa on Dec. 4. Greg and Tania MacKenzie operated MacKenzie Produce at Stratford, P.E.I., southeast of Charlottetown. Grant and Colleen Dyck grow […] Read more

Fertilizer And Disease Control Plots Featured At CARA Field Day

Reading Time: < 1 minute While drought conditions have forced cancellation of many field days this summer, the lack of moisture may create an ideal environment to showcase the value of micronutrients, during a field day to be held July 8 in eastern Alberta, sponsored by the Chinook Applied Research Association (CARA). The CARA field day, located west and south […] Read more

Variable rate can be used for more than fertilizer

Reading Time: 2 minutes With more producers interested in the benefits of precision agriculture, the concept of variable rate technology isn’t just limited to fertilizer application rates, says a specialist with Agri-Trend Agrology Ltd. Variable-rate technology – the concept of making more efficient use of a crop input – can be used with fungicides and even manure, says Warren […] Read more