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Watershed Groups Are Proactive On Many Issues

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producers are demonstrating their commitment to the environment through their work with watershed and other environmental organizations. That was the message of a panel for a gathering of about 150 producers at the fifth annual Holding the Reins Landowner Summit for the Oldman Watershed. “Stewardship groups stepped up to the plate in the Oldman River […] Read more

Transmission Line Creating Controversy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Construction continues on the 345-kilometre, $130-million Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. (MATL) electrical transmission line from north of Lethbridge to Great Falls. Most of the power poles from Cutbank, Montana to the border have been installed, said Bob Williams, a regulatory officer for MAT LinCalgary. Onlythreetosix kilometres are left to build. In some stretches, the conductor […] Read more

Beet Growers Review A Challenging Year

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 2010 growing season was one that most southern Alberta sugar beet growers want to forget, but record world sugar prices are soothing some of the pain. Speaking to delegates at the 86th annual meeting of the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Marketing Board, president Rob Boras said 2010 not only saw growers battle problems with […] Read more

Seed Quality Downgraded By Frost

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cereal seeds from 2010 on a typical blotter might look good to the naked eye, but look closely, says Kevin Zaychuk, business development manager for 20/20 Labs in Edmonton. Zaychuk told the Agronomy Update Conference in Lethbridge last month that a blotter of germinating seeds “looks good if you are not a seed analyst.” He […] Read more

Public Raising A Stink Over Confined Feeding Operations

Reading Time: 3 minutes Concerns are mounting about agriculture’s affect on air quality and odour, and the industry needs to be paying careful attention, according to a provincial specialist on livestock and the environment. The province has received more than 6,000 complaints over the past eight years about livestock operations, either because of the odour they cause or because […] Read more

JRI Upgrades Lethbridge Canola-Processing Plant

Reading Time: < 1 minute Richardson International will spend $15 million to expand and upgrade its Richardson Oilseeds canola-crushing and refining operation in Lethbridge. John Haen of Winnipeg, vice-president for Richardson Nutrition, said the expansion should be operational by February 2012, and will create safer working conditions for employees. He said some of the repetitive jobs will be automated, but […] Read more

Questions Flow At Irrigation Seminar

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some are predicting a barrel of water will one day be worth more than a barrel of oil. Ron Renwick isn’t into predicting prices, but is certain water will always flow to the highest bidder. The pricing structure allows farmers to sell rights for a year or forever to other farmers within the same water […] Read more

Nutrient Run-Off From Winter Cattle Feeding Sites Very Significant

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nitrogen and phosphorus loss in snowmelt run-off from in-field cattle overwintering can be an environmental concern, says a researcher from the University of Saskatchewan. Wintering cattle directly in the field creates concerns with increased nutrients being deposited where they may be susceptible to movement with snowmelt run-off, Jeff Schoenau told the Manure Management Update conference […] Read more

Co-Operators Sought For Lygus And Weevil Research

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lethbridge Research Centre scientist Hector Carcamo is looking for farmers to participate in his one-shot control for cabbage seed pod weevil and lygus in canola. His four-year project to try to control cabbage seed pod weevils and lygus bugs with a one-shot application of insecticide so far has produced good news, he told the annual […] Read more

Pulses On The Menu In Lethbridge

Reading Time: < 1 minute Diners at three Lethbridge restaurants recently had a taste of locally grown dry beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils as part of the Alberta Pulse Growers Commission’s Savouring Pulses meal campaign. Bonnie Greenshields, owner of the Round Street Café, responded to an invitation from the Pulse Growers’ nutrition consultant Wendy Benson. “We often are looking for […] Read more