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The low dollar has already pushed up the price of American-made farm equipment and steel tariffs could increase them further.

Steel tariffs could rebound on farmers here

It’s not clear what impact tariffs will have on farm equipment but any increase will likely be passed on

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s unclear if the new steel tariff proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump could be bad news for Canadian producers when it comes time to buy new farm equipment. If the tariffs are imposed, U.S. manufacturing companies would pay 25 per cent more for imported steel and 10 per cent more for imported aluminum, unless […] Read more

Planting seeds of knowledge about agriculture in the classroom

Alberta Women’s Institutes deliver information about farming 
to students throughout the province

Reading Time: 2 minutes Expect to see a whole lot more pumpkins this fall — and a lot more kids with a better understanding of where food comes from. Members of the Alberta Women’s Institutes will be going to schools across the province to talk about farming and the food on the dinner table. The goal of the project, […] Read more

Olds College hosts 60th annual World Plowing Championship

Reading Time: 2 minutes It wasn’t the money that brought 57 competitors from 29 different countries to Olds College for the 60th annual World Plowing Championship. “There is no prize money here, it is bragging rights,” said organizing committee chair Mark Kaun. The college also has something to brag about; it’s “the only place where a plowing competition has […] Read more

Mandatory age-verification policy will be reviewed by provincial government

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta’s mandatory cattle age-verification regulations will be under the microscope, said John Brown, executive director of the Livestock Research and Extension Branch of Alberta Agriculture. Brown said results-based budgeting means government departments review what they’re doing and what value they provide for Albertans. That will affect the program since that in January, the federal government […] Read more

Wheat market has bullish potential

Louis Dreyfus official says grain farmers are putting more money in their pockets in the post-CWB era because ‘the market is doing a very efficient job of pricing grain’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada’s doing just fine without the Canadian Wheat Board, according to the president of Louis Dreyfus Commodities. “I’m going to suggest we’ve done very well,” Brant Randles told attendees at the recent International Livestock Congress. He noted in 2007-08 prices for wheat futures were higher than in November 2012, but the farmer was still getting […] Read more

Fababeans a good fit in central Alberta

Reading Time: 2 minutes Faba beans are getting more popular in Alberta, says Robyne Bowness, a pulse crop pathology technologist with Alberta Agriculture. Acres have tripled in one year from 5,000 to 15,000 this year. “Faba beans seemed like a really good fit,” Bowness said of the plant’s popularity in central Alberta. She said the crop has moved into […] Read more

JBS plans to market beef produced at Brooks plant around the world

Reading Time: < 1 minute Global demand for beef is growing and JBS wants producers in Western Canada to help meet it, says a senior company official. “Producers are responding but not fast enough to meet the demand,” Dave Kasko, vice-president of operations for JBS Food Canada said at the recent International Livestock Congress. The Brazilian multinational has introduced a […] Read more

Animal care specialists urge producers to get the facts and do the right thing

Experts say producers should be proactive in finding ways to reduce pain and telling the public about their efforts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Opening up the barn doors to show how livestock are cared for might not make the public as sympathetic to producers as some would like to believe. “Educating people about what we do is not an automatic that they’re going to believe what we do is right,” Dr. Joseph Stookey, a professor at the Western […] Read more

Changes sought for wildlife predator compensation program

Reading Time: 2 minutes The current wildlife predator compensation program needs to be revamped, says the Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association Carnivore Working Group. “Many of the landowners and ranchers are finding out that the system seems to be too restrictive and the burden of proof seems to be too high,” project co-ordinator Jeff Bectell said during a recent tour […] Read more

Grizzly numbers on the upswing, and so are the problems faced by producers

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you think the last few grizzlies have been banished to remote mountain hideouts, think again. “We don’t have a final number at this point, but what we can say right now is we identified over 100 grizzly bears,” said Andrea Morehouse, co-ordinator of the Southwest Alberta Grizzly Bear Monitoring Project. And they’re increasingly found […] Read more