Garlic and onion disease survey underway

Samples across the province have revealed a number of diseases

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Over the last several years, a number of issues has been observed in garlic crops in Alberta, with reduced yields, poor storability, and poor performance.

Plant and soil samples collected from across the province in the last two years have found a number of diseases, including aster yellows, white rot (sclerotinia), fusarium basal plate rot, and embellisia blotch.

This year, a provincial surveillance team will be testing samples for a number of fungal pathogens that normally occur on garlic and onions, but will also include testing for the aster yellows phytoplasma and specific nematodes that affect garlic and onions.

Growers of garlic and onions are asked to contact Alberta Agriculture and Forestry if they observe an issue with their crops. Call Rob Spencer or Dustin Morton at 310-FARM (3276) to make arrangements for submitting a sample for testing. AAF staff will also be conducting their own sampling program this year.

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