Harvest progress behind five-year average across Alberta

Alberta crop conditions as of October 9, 2018

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Generally, harvest progress has been slow due to wet conditions across the province and lower than normal temperatures since the end of August. Provincially, about 47 per cent of major crops have now been harvested, up nine per cent from a week ago. Comparing harvest progress over recent years, 2018 has been the most delayed in all regions. About 26 per cent are still in swath (unchanged from last week) and another 27 per cent standing, down nine per cent from a week ago. If the forecast for improved weather in the coming week holds, harvest could advance significantly.

Regionally, harvest progress is behind the 5-year averages in all regions. Over the past week, producers in the North East, North West and Peace Regions were able to make some progress, before the long weekend when snow halted harvesting operations. The snow has flattened standing crops, impacting the yield potential in the affected areas. The cool, wet weather has resulted in some crops sprouting and cracking, with some crops having shriveled and frozen kernels, which affects crop quality.

On the upside, the precipitation received across the province has been most beneficial to fall seeded crops which are now rated as three per cent poor, 34 per cent fair, 56 per cent good and seven per cent excellent. Likewise, there has been an improvement in soil moisture reserves. Surface soil moisture conditions (sub-surface shown in brackets) across the province are rated as 4 (12) per cent poor, 16 (30) per cent fair, 49 (34) per cent good, 27 (22) per cent excellent and four (two) per cent excessive. Pastures across the province now look better, but without re-growth due to cool temperatures.

Click here to read the full report on the Alberta Agriculture website, complete with graphics and a breakdown by regions.

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