Late blight risk on potatoes and tomatoes again this year

The disease can be carried over in infected material

tomato blight
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Over the last few growing seasons, growers have seen signs of late blight, a serious disease that mainly affects potatoes and tomatoes. This disease is caused by an aggressive fungus that develops rapidly under wet/moist environmental conditions. Wet conditions, combined with the presence of the pathogen, has resulted in continuing outbreaks of late blight in commercial, market garden and urban potato and tomato crops throughout parts of Alberta.

In 2015, this disease continues to be a risk for all potato/tomato family crops grown in Alberta. The late blight pathogen overwinters on living tissues and there is a risk the disease could be carried over in infected potatoes (cull piles, seed potatoes or potatoes saved by gardeners), or could be introduced via imported potato seed or plant material, such as tomato transplants.

More information will follow later in the growing season.

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