New late blight fungicide

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Engage Agro Corp. has announced that its Torrent fungicide has been approved for use in Canada. The product is approved for the control of late blight in potatoes, downy mildew in cucurbits and cavity spot in carrots. Additional crops and pests may be added in the future. Torrent is active in all stages of the disease life cycle to provide protection against diseases caused by oomycetes, especially infection by pathogens of the genera of phytophthora, pythium and pseudoperonspora. The product is a contact fungicide and has a different mode of action and belongs to the FRAC Group 21.

“Torrent is particularly important to growers because it offers them another weapon to combat the increasing threat of pest resistance,” said Engage Agro’s product manager Bob Hamilton in a release.

ISK Biosciences Corp. has an exclusive distribution agreement with Engage Agro Corp. for Torrent fungicide.

The active ingredient in Torrent is cyazofamid, which inhibits mitochondrial respiration. While Torrent is not systemic, it does provide some translaminar movement through the plant tissue. It is available in a suspension concentrate formula.



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