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Nuance – new Group 2 from Cheminova

Cheminova Canada has picked up registration for Nuance herbicide, which it says is an “effective and economical alternative” to DuPont’s Express SG, a tank-mix partner for weed killers such as glyphosate or 2,4-D.

Nuance, a granular sulfonylurea herbicide, will be available throughout Western Canada this year with the Group 2 chemical tribenuron methyl as its active ingredient.

However a DuPont spokesperson noted that its Express SG includes proprietary Solumax technology that allows its granules to dissolve into solution, and Nuance would instead be similar in formulation to DuPont’s Express Toss-N-Go, making for different tank cleanout procedures.

The broadleaf weed killer is sold on its own, but before use, it must be tank-mixed with approved partner herbicides.

Nuance will provide pre-seed burndown for summerfallow or post-harvest applications when tank-mixed with glyphosate, the company said.

“Nuance provides effective, consistent control of many hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds, sharpening the activity and weed spectrum of glyphosate,” Cheminova Canada country manager Doug McLean said in the company’s release.

“In addition to glyphosate, Nuance can also be mixed with other suitably registered herbicides such as 2,4-D or MCPA ester for resistance management, expanded weed spectrum as well as various other use patterns,” he said.

Nuance is to be packaged by the case of eight 320-gram bottles

Nufarm cuts CleanStart price

Nufarm has reduced the price of CleanStart herbicide by $40 per case or $1 acre. CleanStart is mixed with glyphosate to enhance weed control including for Roundup Ready canola.

Nufarm says CleanStart is the only zero-residue burndown option for canola and pulse crops. CleanStart is packaged in a 40 acre-case and a 450-litre tote.



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