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Winter cereal seeding Q&As

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Will seeding date affect winter survival?

Yes, seeding date will affect winter survival. Seeding too early or too late will reduce winter hardiness. Generally the best seeding dates are between August 25 and Sept. 10. No later than Sept. 15.

Will seeding depth affect winter survival?

Yes, seeding depth will affect winter survival. Seeding too deep will reduce seeding vigour and winter hardiness. It is best to seed less than one inch deep. It is not a good practice to seed to moisture. It is best to lay the seeds close to the surface so they can take advantage of light fall rains.

Which winter cereals are the most winter hardy? The three most common winter cereals grown for spring grazing, greenfeed, silage or grain are winter wheat, winter triticale and fall rye. Fall rye is the most winter hardy. Winter wheat and winter triticale are considerable less winter hardy. If winter hardiness could be measured on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the most winter hardy, fall rye would be around seven and the other two winter cereals would be closer to a four.

Will the seeding method affect winter survival? Yes, low-disturbance direct seeding into standing stubble will improve winter survival. Snow trapped in the stubble will help insulate the winter cereals and improve winter survival.

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