Alberta farmers well ahead of last year’s pace

Photo: Thinkstock

With decent weather, Alberta farmers made good harvest progress for the week ended Oct. 22, according to the province’s latest weekly crop report issued Oct. 25.

Province-wide progress vaulted from just under 59 per cent for the week ended Oct. 15 to almost 74.5 per cent. That said the overall harvest remains behind the five-year average of 82 per cent, but it’s well ahead of the 51.6 per cent complete this time last year.

The southern region was furthest along at almost 90 per cent of all crops completed. At this time last year all crops in the region were 74.2 per cent finished, while the five-year average is 92.4.

The report stated that 86 per cent of hard red spring wheat and 83 per cent of durum rated in the top two grades. Also, canola saw 72 per cent rated as 1 Can.

In the central region, the harvest was a little shy of 73 per cent complete. While that’s under the five-year average of 78.5 per cent, it’s far ahead of the 45.4 per cent this time last year.

The quality of the wheat ranged from 83 per cent for hard red spring to 88 per cent for durum in the top two grades. Canola rated 86 per cent 1 Can.

Northeastern Alberta saw farmers make it to 71.7 per cent complete, which was significantly better than last year’s 43.4 per cent. However the harvest was still behind the five-average of 77.6 per cent.

Approximately three-quarters of the hard red spring wheat that’s been combined rated in the top two grades. About 89 per cent of the canola was deemed to be 1 Can.

The harvest in the northwest reached 66.9 per cent complete. That’s more than double last year’s progress of 30.7 per cent, but a little short of the average of 70.8.

The Peace River region hit 53 per cent complete, ahead of the 49.5 per cent this time last year. However, the five-year average is 81.6 per cent.

About 64 per cent of the hard red spring wheat was rated in the top two grades. Of the canola harvested, 76 per cent was rated as 1 Can.


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