Cattle feeding getting expensive in Manitoba

High feed prices are pushing Canadian cattle out of the United States market.
 Photo: Thinkstock

MarketsFarm – With a looming feed shortage, it has been getting more costly to feed cattle, said Mike Nernberg, marketing representative for Winnipeg Livestock Sales.

Nernberg estimated it has been costing about C$4.00 per day to feed an individual animal, which adds up given the amount a feedlot is feeding and for the length of time the cattle are there. Cattle were in a feedlot for about week, now the animals are there for two to three weeks, he said.

That has not only made cost of doing more expensive, it’s also priced a lot of Canadian cattle out of the United States market.

“There’s going to be a bottom and that’s whatever the Americans are going to pay,” Nernberg said.

The Winnipeg auction has been on hiatus and will have an auction on Aug. 9.

Nernberg said prices will likely remain where they were before the break, or go up a little. However that will last for a week or two and then prices will come down.

There will be four other auctions across the province, with Brandon on Aug. 6, Gladstone and Virden on Aug. 7 and Ste. Rose on Aug. 8. Grunthal which has been operating throughout the summer will be closed for Aug. 6.


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