Hail claim numbers continue to rise

(July 31) As of earlier this week, approximately 3,450 hail claims had been filed in Alberta with Saskatchewan numbers approaching 10,500.

The Alberta numbers, which do not include claims on the hail endorsement offered as part of crop insurance coverage in that province, continue to run ahead of last year’s pace and last year turned out to be a record.

Over the past two weeks, there have been two major storms in Alberta. On July 15, areas around Vulcan, Taber, Lethbridge, Picture Butte, Enchant, Carmangay, Lomond and Barons were hit. On July 16, another storm hit the Lethbridge, Ft. Macleod and Warner area. There was also storm activity July 27 which hit the Olds, Airdrie, Wainwright, and Provost areas.

The Saskatchewan claim total is about double the number which would be expected in a normal year at this time. While many new claims continue to be added, most of the claims to date have come from storms that occurred between July 6 and 11. Although there have been claims from most areas of the province, the southwest has been the hardest hit.

All available adjusters are busy in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In fact, some adjusters from Manitoba are working on claims in Alberta.

In Saskatchewan, hail insurance companies continue to work on the backlog of claims from storms in the second week of July. On large claims, two adjusters are sometimes being dispatched. In general, companies are trying to work on the older storms first and in areas where the crops are the most advanced.

Producers are urged to check all their fields for damage prior to an adjuster arriving as this will speed up the adjusting process.

While producers are understandably anxious to get their damaged crops adjusted, calling in to ask about the status of their claim does not expedite the adjustment procedure. If, however, a producer wants to put a damaged crop to an alternate use, it’s important to leave representative test strips and producers should contact their insurance company for instructions.

Hail claims in Manitoba are approaching 1,600. That is considered normal to slightly below normal for this time of year. The companies doing business in Manitoba have registered fewer than 350 new claims in the past two weeks.

Adjusters are largely caught up. Some claims that were deferred from early storms are now being reassessed to determine the level of crop recovery.

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