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Photogenic Alberta trio irresistible

Miniature dairy goats take top prize in photo contest

Photogenic Alberta trio irresistible
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It’s not hard to see why this cute trio captured the hearts of the judges for a national photo contest put on by the Farm & Food Care Foundation.

The picture of three of Chris Grab’s Nigerian Dwarf goats won first place, and a $600 prize, in the All About Animals category of the contest.

“They’re standing on a wooden (cable) spool,” said Grab, who with husband Rudi, has an acreage south of Leduc.

“I have a few of those around for them. They love to play on them, jump on them and push each other off. I have a picnic table and other things in a goaty playground for them.”

Grab has bred goats for more than two decades and has 30 does on their 80-acre operation, Country Magic farm. Some are Nubians, but the Nigerians are her favourites.

“They’re a miniature dairy goat and (the does) don’t get any taller than 21 inches high — so they’re also called ‘knee-high’ goats,” she said. “They produce amazing milk for their size, but they’re also very personable and make excellent pets.”

The goats in the picture, taken last year by Grab’s daughter-in-law, Ashley Erin Grab, have arresting tricolour markings, but “you never know what you’re going to get” with the pint-size breed, she said.

“You can get just about any colour, a lot of solid colours. Getting patterns takes a bit of doing. In fact, I tried the same breeding this year to get more like that — not a hope, I got buckskin (black on the head, neck, and shoulders and a solid, lighter colour on the body).”

It was the first year for the photo contest put on by the Guelph-based Farm & Food Care Foundation, but it attracted more than 650 entries. There were six categories, with one category winner — Sheri Mangin of Manitoba — selected as overall contest winner. All of the winning entries can be viewed at and many more will be featured in the 2014 edition of The Real Dirt on Farming, a publication that answers common questions asked by the public about food and farming practices in Canada.

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