Elk testing at Suffield finds no bovine tuberculosis

Elk farming provides a source of lean read meat and parts of the elk such as velvet from the horns are though by some cultures to have medicinal value.
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Testing of elk at CFB Suffield during the 2017-18 hunting season is complete and all results were negative.

After bovine tuberculosis (bTB) was found in one beef cow in southeastern Alberta in 2016, officials with the wildlife branch of Alberta Environment and Parks worked with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to develop a three-year testing program, which was set up last summer.

The testing requires about 120 elk to be tested each year. People who hunted at CFB Suffield were briefed on bTB and how to check for enlarged lymph nodes. Of the 351 elk harvested, 144 heads were sent for testing. None had a bTB infection.

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