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With the H1N1 or “swine” flu news changing daily, and since there are several days between Alberta Farmer’s deadline and receipt in the mailbox, we do not have extensive coverage in this issue. However, our web-site www.albertafarmexpress.cawill contain updates. As of last Tuesday the following countries had restricted imports of animals or meat from Canada.

Armenia – swine, pork, certain feed ingredients and genetics

Azerbaijan – ban on all meat

China – swine and pork from Alberta

Croatia – swine, pork and genetics

Honduras – pork

Indonesia – pork

Lebanon – pork

Malaysia – swine and pork

Philippines – pork

Russia – swine and pork from Alberta, B. C., Ontario, Nova Scotia

South Korea – swine

Thailand – swine, pork and genetics

Ukraine – swine and pork

Venezuala – swine and pork



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