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Mexico blocks meat imports

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Mexico last week suspended purchases from 30 U. S. meat plants, some of which are the largest in the country, due to sanitary issues, but U. S. analysts argue Mexico is retaliating for a U. S. meat labelling law.

Mexico denied the retaliation charge and said purchases from the affected plants could resume as early as Monday this week.

Many of the banned plants are owned by the largest U. S. meat companies, including Cargill Inc, Tyson Foods Inc , JBS , Seaboard and Smithfield Foods.

The ministry said the affected plants fell short on standards like packaging, labeling, and some transport conditions.

While Mexico denied retaliating for COOL, U. S. analysts were not convinced. “It appears they are using this to send a signal to our government that they don’t like COOL,” said Don Roose, analyst at U. S.



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