New AFAC initiative to deliver livestock-care info

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Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) has announced the Information Leadership Initiative, a communications program designed to help producers and their industry manage information and keep up to date on farm animal care.

This includes information on the latest thinking, ideas, developments, best practices, trends and issues, to support the role of producers as front-line managers and decision makers.

AFAC represents all major livestock producer organizations in the province. AFAC is working with Calgary-based communications company Meristem to design and deliver the project components. The initiative is sponsored by the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA).

“This new initiative is about helping livestock producers stay at the leading edge of farm animal care,” says Heini Hehli, a Rimbey-area dairy producer and chair of AFAC. “It is designed to give producers the information they need to make good decisions on their farms and in their industry.”

The initiative includes:

  • NewStream Farm Animal Care — A digital news source capturing latest developments, progress and ideas in farm animal care.
  • VeriCare Special Reports — Specially designed to provide technically competent, expert-driven coverage of important issues in farm animal care.
  • CareScape Initiative — Using social media to support awareness of farm animal care progress and issues.
  • Livestock Care Conference knowledge transfer — A customized effort to deliver information from this leading conference on farm animal care, which is hosted annually by AFAC and features top speakers from both within Canada and internationally.

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