University of Alberta conducting genomic prediction trial

University of Alberta conducting genomic prediction trial
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The University of Alberta’s Genomic Prediction Project is developing tools to predict the feed efficiency and carcass traits on any beef cattle in a herd, including crossbred animals.

It costs participants $25 per animal to be genotyped with about 100,000 DNA markers, which will be used to provide a report. The report, to be available early next year, will include Genomic Expected Progeny Difference (gEPD) for three measures of feed efficiency and five carcass traits.

It will also include genomic breed composition and genomically predicted retained hybrid vigour/heterosis along with multiple trait maternal index (MPI) and/or feedlot profitability index (FPI) for young bulls, and a heifer index for replacement heifers and their rank in the whole cattle population.

For more info or to participate, contact Mike Vinsky at [email protected] or go to

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