A gift for Olds’ centennial: 100 vehicles for 100 years

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Calgary-area businessman and rancher J.C. (Jack) Anderson is adding to his already-generous support of Olds College in celebration of its 100th anniversary.

Anderson, who donated $1 million to the college in 2007, will be donating the proceeds from the sale of his collection of 100 vintage cars and trucks to Olds College during its 2013 Centennial year.

Anderson’s prized collection will be auctioned off in a “100 Cars and Trucks For Our 100th Year” auction, a cornerstone event of the Olds College Centennial year.

“Jack has, again, given us a remarkably incredible gift,” said Olds president Tom Thompson. “It’s not just the seven-figure cash donation that will flow from the auction, but the auction itself has amazing potential to shine an enormous spotlight on our college as we celebrate 100 years of education excellence. We are beyond grateful.”

As with his earlier donation, Anderson will allow the college to decide how to best use the proceeds from the vehicles auction, but it is likely that the next capital building campaign and the year-long centennial celebration will be beneficiaries.

“The word ‘transformational’ is often used in the world of philanthropy; perhaps so much so that its descriptive impact has been reduced, said Jordan Cleland, Olds College vice-president, advancement.

“Let me say, then, that Jack’s gift, and his cumulative impact are of the lump-in-my-throat, eye-moistening, lip-quivering variety. I’ll remember that moment in Jack’s living room where he first made this gesture, with his two black Labradors jumping all over me, as long as I live.”



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