A loving aunt creates a special gift

Cross-stitch design of a mother and child.
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Anita Wipf isn’t exactly sure how many hours it took her to create this “labour of love.”

“I made this cross-stitching titled ‘Tenderness’ for my niece Janaya,” said Wipf, a member of the Viking Colony. “The reason for calling it a labour of love is because of the amount of time it takes, and that it will be a lifetime memorable for my niece whom I so love.”

Janaya was born April 29, 2012, and her loving aunt began cross-stitching soon after, working on the piece in her spare time and completing it on March 22.

“Along with the countless hours and the 12,000 stitches, it also serves as meditation where I can shut out the world around me,” she said.

Cross-stitching — the stitches are X-shaped — is one of the oldest forms of embroidery and many early pieces are now in museums around the world.

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