Brief – for Oct. 24, 2011

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STAFFA number of beef breed and beef industry organizations are reportedly considering a new landlord named Angus. The Canadian Angus Association has announced it has bought land at East Balzac in Rocky View County, where it plans to put up its own new office building.

The Angus group expects to complete its building and move in during the first half of 2013.

President David Bolduc of Claresholm said the group for several years has looked at options to own rather than rent.

Though the Angus association plans to build, own and operate the new facility, other breed and industry associations have expressed an interest in joining this project, the group said.

We are very excited about this tremendous opportunity and look forward to relocating with other Canadian beef breed organizations and industry groups, Bolduc said.

The association said the new space has ideal accessibility, found in Wagon Wheel Park, east of CrossIron Mills, a major shopping mall on the east side of Highway 2, northeast of the city.

The association s current office on Eighth Street NE is about 15 km south of the planned site..

The Canadian cattle industry is also no stranger to the Eighth Street building, whose other tenants include the Canadian Cattlemen s Association, Beef Information Centre, Canadian Beef Breeds Council and Alberta Beef Producers.



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