CD-ROM Features Public-Speaking Resources For 4-H

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4-H members, and many people preparing for a speech or presentation, have wished that there was a single resource that had everything they might need to know about public speaking and presentations, packaged into one, easily navigated, interactive, bright and shiny place. A resource that fits this bill is now available from Alberta 4-H.

“After sorting through a mountain of manuals, papers, binders, brochures, leaflets and one-page info sheets, Jess Hainstock and I were able to pare a two-foot paper pile down to one interactive CDROM,” says Cameron Horner, communications and marketing specialist with Alberta 4-H. “Ideally, this resource will take the place of the aforementioned paper pile and help streamline and ease the delivery of 4-H’s highly touted communications program.”

With interactive learning modules, video footage and site hosts (one of whom is Alberta 4-H’s very own Kayla Getzinger), the goal of this resource is to be able to stand alone and act as a travelling workshop.

“The greatest part of this resource is that it is all-inclusive and is easily adapted to fit different needs and environments. Used in a group workshop setting or in the comfort of someone’s own home, this resource takes the guess work out of the elements associated with doing a speech or illustrated talk, such as brainstorming, research, pronunciation, delivery, word count, and presentation,” Cameron states.

Dialogue, video, practice pages, tip sheets, games and evaluation tools create a quality learning experience for users, giving them the skills and the confidence to speak and present not only in day-to-day life, but in future professional endeavours.

From Paper to Podium is available through the resource section of the Alberta 4-H website (,or as a link on Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s website at

Each registered 4-H club will also receive a hard copy version in their club’s 2010 Fall Mailout package, due to arrive in early September.



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