Christmas gift suggestions for green thumbs (and bee lovers)

A comprehensive how-to guide might be an ideal gift for someone keen on gardening, beekeeping, or starting a sideline enterprise

A book on raising bees is one of Alberta Agriculture’s suggestions for a stocking stuffer this Christmas.
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Know someone interested in commercial production? These Alberta Agriculture and Forestry books might be a perfect gift.

Commercial Vegetable Production on the Prairies ($20 plus GST): A comprehensive 300-page resource and reference tool suitable for new and experienced vegetable growers at all scales of commercial production. Key topics included planning for vegetable production, seeding, transplanting, harvesting, storage, getting fertility and irrigation right, and business issues such as risks, management, and marketing. The book also contains detailed chapters on individual vegetable crops covering production and pest information.

Saskatoon Berry Production Manual ($15 plus GST): Topics include plant biology, propagation, cultivars, orchard establishment, cultural practices, pruning techniques, plant health, harvest, post-harvest management, and basic marketing. Saskatoon berry experts from across the Prairies collaborated on the manual, which has a detailed appendix outlining supplementary resource material.

Beekeeping in Western Canada ($25 plus GST): Also suitable for new and experienced beekeepers. Topics include spring management of bees, winter feeding, honey extraction, and honeybee health, along with marketing of beeswax, pollen, and honey. Provincial apiculturists from Western Canada collaborated on this publication.

To order or for information on these books, as well as DVDs and CD-ROMs, search ‘publications’ on the Alberta Agriculture website or call 780-427-0391.

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