Concrete may be coming down in price

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Thinking of building? Check out the price of concrete first.

“Concrete seems to be more expensive in the Prairie region as compared to British Columbia and Ontario,” said Todd Bergen-Henengouwen, a market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

“I found that the price of a 32 MPa (megapascal) concrete in B.C. and Ontario was about $160 per cubic metre, whereas in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba it was closer to $220.”

The high price is the result of a once-hot economy combined with a high number of housing starts, but with construction spending falling sharply — an estimated nine per cent this year — prices may now be at a peak, said Bergen-Henengouwen.

Many farm buildings use a lot of concrete, he added.

“Hog barns, in particular use large amounts as they have slatted concrete floors, walls, and pits beneath,” he said. “It’s estimated 25 per cent of the cost to build a hog barn can go to pay for concrete.

“Those who are considering building a hog barn, or any other structure that requires a large amount of concrete, should consider this when making a decision.”

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