Farm equipment supply chains functioning well

Farm equipment supply chains functioning well
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All major dealers of equipment parts, such as John Deere, Cervus, UFA and Rocky Mountain Equipment, are reporting very few issues with delivery times or stock with acquiring machine parts, other than a few weeks of delay in regular lead time.

However, after-market and ‘no-name’ suppliers of parts (such as parts for tracks on gators) may be experiencing supply issues, particularly if parts are coming from Quebec or other regions of Canada or abroad where there may be shutdowns due to COVID-19.

Farmers should keep in mind that parts that are ‘not new’ or ‘common’ may not be on hand at the local level and may be at risk for a shortage or transport delay.

Supply chains for fertilizer, seed, and inputs are also functioning well, according to Fertilizer Canada, the Canadian Seed Trade Association, and CropLife Canada.

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