Farm Implement Dealers Must Be Licensed

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All farm implement distributors and dealers operating within the province of Alberta are required to be licensed. As part of its role, the Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) administers the compliance of the Farm Implement Act (FIA) and Farm Implement Dealerships Act (FIDA), which provide protection for consumers, dealers and distributors to ensure business is conducted in compliance with the legislation.

Consumers can find out if their dealer or distributor is licensed in two ways. Each farm implement party received a 2010 licence and it should be posted at their place of business for consumers to view. Also, a complete list of 373 licensed dealers and 124 licensed distributors is available on the FAO website at

If you are conducting business with an unlicensed farm implement dealer, you will not have any protection under the FIA or the FIDA.

It is a violation of legislation to operate as a farm implement dealer or distributor of farm implements sold in Alberta without a licence and this violation can hold steep penalties.

The FAO also has a farm implement inspector on staff to handle dispute resolution options on a wide range of farm implement issues, such as warranty, sale and dealer agreements, parts and equipment performance.

For further information contact the FAO at 310-FARM (3276) and ask for Janet Patriquin.

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