Gold medal bovine

Stella isn’t your typical cow, and not 
just because of her fashion sense

Girl with cow.
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She couldn’t make it to Sochi, but Olympics fan Stella has turned in a medal-winning performance in Alberta Farmer’s felfie contest.

Pictured with Stella is Angie O’Connor, who works at a feedlot and keeps some feedlot calves (and an old Holstein who raises them) on an acreage north of Wimborne.

Our three judges (Sarah Schultz, Allison Ammeter, and Alexis Kienlen) said Stella’s sense of occasion and fun-loving spirit made her championship material. The 21-month-old is O’Connor’s first feedlot calf.

“I didn’t have the Holstein at that point so she was bottle raised until she was about eight months,” said O’Connor. “She doesn’t really think she is a cow. I have a variety of pictures of her because she makes my life hard, so I like to make her life hard by dressing her up.”

Alberta Farmer is donating $100 to the community or non-profit chosen by each winner. O’Connor has selected the Medicine River Wildlife Centre, while last edition’s winner, Theresa Bayko, chose STARS Air Ambulance.

Two more winners have yet to be chosen.

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