It’s been a big year for fertilizer shipments

It’s been a big year for fertilizer shipments
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Fertilizer shipments of nitrogen and phosphorus reached record levels this year, says Fertilizer Canada, citing StatsCan data. Shipments of potash and sulphur were down slightly from near-record levels, for the year ended June 30.

Shipments, based on nutrient content, reached record highs of 2.672 million tonnes of nitrogen, up two per cent from the year before, and 1.137 million tonnes of phosphorus, marginally higher than 2018-19. The industry shipped 410,000 nutrient tonnes of pot- ash and 353,000 tonnes of sulphur.

The key going forward is to “invest in the critical infrastructure to maintain our global competitiveness, especially as we look to uncertain weather in the coming winter months,” said Fertilizer Canada president and CEO Garth Whyte.

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