Top Western Performance Horses Up For Auction At Bloodstock 2011

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Farmfair manager David Fiddler is proud and excited to be a part of the first time in history that Canadian Supreme breeders, Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group and Northern Bloodstock have collaborated with Northlands, Farmfair and the Canadian Finals Rodeo for an unprecedented assemblage of the best of the best in western performance horses.

Bloodstock 2011 is about the industry coming together to promote the best equine genetics that western Canada has to offer, says David.

Typically, every group of breeders operates pretty independently, he explains. Now, we ve come together acknowledging we all seek the same results, and with Bloodstock 2011, we re working together to achieve them.

Farmfair is good at bringing together the audience; these breeder groups have the quality horses. Northlands brings a contingent of show managers and we provide the catalyst to help the industry be successful.

Bloodstock 2011 will feature yearlings and up to eight or nine year olds with impressive show records. When we first started brainstorming the idea for Bloodstock 2011, I said I d be happy if we could bring 20 horses of the quality we were seeking up for auction, says David. What we ll likely end up with is some 35-40 horses. I m very happy with the numbers we have.

The Bloodstock 2011 auction will feature a top-tier selection of well trained performance show horses reiners, cutters and working cow horses as well as well-bred prospects coming from proven dams and sires who ve demonstrated their performance quality as earning winners.

We have a number of excellent yearling prospects that will be ready to start this winter horses well presented to take new owners on to the winner s circle, David says.

Bloodstock 2011 is shaping up to be an impressively unique equine auction not only for the quantity and quality of bloodlines being brought together for sale but for the method of the auction itself. Each of the featured horses being marketed will be showcased by video on big screen before and during the auction itself, as well as ahead of Farmfair, on YouTube, at the owners and trainers discretion. This will be totally innovative and different from what auction goers have experienced in the past.

David explains, Sometimes, we see two year olds at auction, who ve never been to a big event in a big arena and with the bright lights and the big city, they may not be on their best performance live at the event. We re putting together really good video presentations of the horses in action in their home environments, where they re comfortable, to best showcase the real quality of their performance potential.

Bloodstock 2011 isn t about speculation: the breeders and trainers who will be bringing their horses to market have been working with their stock and their bloodlines for years.

We ve invited only very reputable breeders and trainers that are willing to stand behind their horses. This really will be a sale of the best of the best, says David.

Northlands is proud to host Bloodstock 2011 at Farmfair on Thursday, November 10, at 3:00 p.m. in the Kubota Hall D in the Edmonton EXPO Centre. For more information on the sale, please visit, click on Programs and Schedules and select Bloodstock 2011 Sale. .

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