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Cross-spectrum products are combined so that the two products work well together, combat problem weeds in a given area and are physically compatible in a sprayer tank.

Avoiding the tank-mixing confusion

Cross-spectrum herbicides combine convenience with simple decision-making for control of both grass and broadleaf weeds. Their popularity has been increasing over the past decade as growers look for convenient ways to control weeds that typically affect crops in their soil zone, without having to sift through herbicide guides and product labels. “Over the past half […] Read more

Using an Arylex active product means growers will face fewer delays, which is especially important to those with lots of acres to cover.

Arylex an important advantage against resistant weeds

Not a standalone product, but part of several intentional active ingredient combinations to provide multiple modes of action

To keep ahead of resistant weeds, growers need alternative chemistries that have not developed resistance, and also products that are effective so that weeds are eliminated the first time. Arylex’s unique Group 4 active ingredient is an important addition to the resistance management toolbox. “Seven of our products contact the Arylex active ingredient,” says Kelly […] Read more

I have unharvested crop in the field. Is a Cash Advance still an option for my farm?

I have unharvested crop in the field. Is a Cash Advance still an option for my farm?

A cash advance can be a source of cash flow for farmers with unharvested crops

Harvest 2018 has been less than ideal. With unharvested crop still in the field farmers may be looking for new options to cover fall expenses. The Canadian Canola Growers Association’s Cash Advance program gives farmers flexible cash flow options that can help in times such as these.   We recognize that many farmers are having a […] Read more

Cattle producers say Can-Am’s side-by-side vehicles are ideal for chores such as hauling fenceposts and feed.

Can-Am ORVs aren’t just for recreation

The Defender and Commander are ideal for many uses around the farm or ranch

Life on the farm is hard work. It’s demanding and without reprieve. Farmers do more in a day than the people they produce for will ever know or give them credit for. “If you need to take it out for the day to do a little bit of fencing or take salt or anything that’s […] Read more

Clubroot — just assume it’s on the way

Clubroot — just assume it’s on the way

Rotation is more important than ever, and that includes variety selection

  Clubroot is on the move.  After the first discovery near Edmonton in 2003, the deadly canola disease has spread in Alberta, and last summer it moved into northwestern Saskatchewan and jumped across hundreds of kilometres of bush to the Peace River area. Doug Moisey, a DuPont Pioneer area agronomist in central Alberta, says he […] Read more