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Borders would still close if a wild pig was found to be infected with African swine fever, but the agreement allows a country to create “control zones.”

Swine fever containment plan agreed to

Reading Time: < 1 minute If African swine fever ever found its way into wild pigs in Canada, exports of pigs and pork would come to a screeching halt — even if commercial hog farms were totally free of infection. But food inspection agencies in Ottawa and Washington have come up with a plan to “minimize trade impacts while protecting […] Read more

This young sow, which died on an Asian farm of African swine fever, displays the dark lesions commonly seen on infected pigs.

ASF virus is deadly but the fallout from an outbreak even worse

Health officials can deal with an African swine fever outbreak, but not its huge market disruption, says top expert

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s a nightmare scenario — but if African swine fever arrived in Canada, the economic consequences would be much harder to deal with than the virus itself. “African swine fever is a big problem with very big challenges,” Dr. Egan Brockhoff said during a recent virtual presentation. “Big is an understatement. This is a global […] Read more

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Swine fever found in Germany putting pork exports at risk

Country had been fencing off borders against wild boar

Berlin/Hamburg | Reuters — Germany confirmed on Thursday that African swine fever (ASF) had been found in a dead wild boar near its border with Poland, threatening pork exports to China from Europe’s biggest pork producer, which were worth US$1.2 billion last year. Authorities in the German state of Brandenburg quarantined a 15-km area around […] Read more

The massive cull of China’s pig herd because of African swine fever hasn’t made a lot of headlines but has been a “game changer” for the global meat trade, says a leading market analyst. Pictured is the pork meat hall inside the Yuegezhuang wholesale market in Beijing in June.

African swine fever: The other virus that is changing the world order

A third of global pork production has been vaporized, and the effects are being felt worldwide

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s another virus that has been upending the world order in ways that no one ever could have predicted, although it’s mostly flying under the radar. “Right now, 75 per cent of the world’s hogs are threatened, and a third of the global swine herd just vanished last year,” Brett Stuart of Global AgriTrends said […] Read more

File photo of a hog farmer with piglets in Poland. (Zuberka/iStock/Getty Images)

African swine fever spreads near German border

Paris | Reuters — Poland recorded 55 outbreaks of African swine fever in wild boar near the German border last month, the world animal health body said on Thursday, in a sign the deadly virus is spreading near one of the European Union’s biggest pork exporters. A report posted on the World Organization for Animal […] Read more

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China reshapes global meat markets as swine fever rages

London | Beijing | Reuters – China is scouring the world for meat to replace the millions of pigs killed by African swine fever (ASF), boosting prices, business and profits for European and South American meatpackers as it re-shapes global markets for pork, beef and chicken. The European Union, the world’s second largest pork producer […] Read more