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A pilot program that pays producers who raise cattle according to a set of specific sustainable standards is catching the attention of other ranchers, says Anne Wasko, the new chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

‘It’s happening,’ says new chair of sustainable beef group

Interest in producing — and consuming — sustainable beef is growing, says Anne Wasko

Interest in producing sustainable beef is growing thanks to a pilot program that is paying producers who meet the standards laid out by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, says the organization’s new chair. “I think it’s happening,” said Anne Wasko. “In this business, change happens fairly slowly. But the dollars are out there — […] Read more

The cows may not notice anything different, but just about every aspect of cattle markets is behaving unusually these days.

It’s strange times in cattle markets – and normal seems a long ways off

Prices, feeder cattle movement, and the basis are all behaving strangely this year, says analyst

If you’re confused about the cattle market, you’re not alone — it is not behaving normally. “We’ve got some interesting things going on,” said Anne Wasko, market analyst with Gateway Livestock. “Over the last six to eight months, we’ve had feeder cattle moving north since last fall. This year, we’ve got feeder cattle going south. […] Read more

No year is perfect but this one has been golden for many cattle producers in the province.

Count ’em up: Lots of positives for cattle sector

A price rebound, a good haying season, and a third packer are three things to be thankful for

Cattle producers have a lot to celebrate. “Our prices for feeder and fed cattle are holding up quite well right now,” said Jason Wood, provincial livestock market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. No one could have predicted that the market would go as high as it did, he said. “If we compare current prices […] Read more

While Alberta producers used high prices to pay down debt and rebuild infrastructure, their American counterparts added two million cattle, a major reason why calf prices are down by half.

Good times gone in a flash for cattle sector

Cash-to-cash basis is one 
of the lone bright spots, 
but that too could vanish 
if Trump White House brings back COOL

Anne Wasko has had a knot in her stomach since Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the U.S. presidential election. “I’m certainly hopeful, but the one thing that makes me nervous at any time is uncertainty,” said Wasko, marketing analyst with Gateway Livestock Marketing. “It’s way too early to jump to conclusions, but the fact is, […] Read more

Cattle markets take a downturn

U.S. herd expansion and a rising dollar mean the Canadian cattle market is taking a hit, says Anne Wasko

Canadian cattle prices are headed for a downturn and they’re going to stay on the low side for the next two years. “The wheels are coming off the bus,” said Anne Wasko, market analyst with Gateway Livestock. The downturn is partially due to the recent increase of the Canadian dollar. “This isn’t a slow progression […] Read more

The U.S. herd will be up 3.5 million head by next year — an increase equal to the entire Western Canada herd — and that will ‘drive the boat’ on prices.

What a year for cattle — but sharpen your pencils for 2016

Market expert Anne Wasko says a 3.5-million-head increase 
in the U.S. herd is going to be the story going forward

Cattle prices may be ending the year on a low note, but even so, it’s been a record-breaking run. “Averages are averages, but 2015 will go down in the record books for the cycle highs for Canada,” said Anne Wasko, marketing analyst with Gateway Livestock Marketing. “Everybody’s focusing on today, and of course, the market’s […] Read more

More cattle heading to market as drought worsens

Emphasis was on growing the herd, but that’s been nearly abandoned due to dry conditions

It’s just a trickle now, but there are fears of a flood of cattle going to market if the drought continues. “It’s a little too early to be splitting up pairs, but we are seeing some pairs sell,” said Anne Wasko, market analyst with Gateway Livestock Services. Sale figures are being closely watched these days […] Read more

A long-overdue return to profitability

Five to Remember: "We couldn't sustain an industry, let alone grow it."

While “nothing stays the same forever,” market analyst Anne Wasko is confident high beef prices will stick around for at least another year. “The cow-calf sector was long overdue for some profitability,” said Wasko, president of Cattle Trends and a market analyst with Gateway Livestock Exchange in Taber. “We couldn’t sustain an industry, let alone […] Read more