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Save feed costs by improving body condition scores, says expert

A body condition of 3 can boost pregnancy rates by a third and add 55 pounds to calf weaning weights

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you want to save some money feeding your cows this winter, maintain a good body condition score. “Prudent use of feed resources to maintain body condition on the cows to maximize efficiency reduces your feeding costs,” said provincial forage specialist Barry Yaremcio. The amount of fat a cow is carrying will influence how it […] Read more

Everyone will benefit if calves are preconditioned, says vet

Preparing calves for the feedlot reduces antibiotic use 
and improves feed efficiency and animal health

Reading Time: 3 minutes While preconditioning your calves may not always put extra dollars in your pockets, it’s good for the health of the entire beef industry. That was the message from veterinarian Cody Creelman during a recent Beef Cattle Research Centre webinar. Preconditioning includes anything a producer does to a weaned calf that reduces shrink and chance of […] Read more

Should you precondition your cattle?

Reading Time: 2 minutes While preconditioning makes sense from a health perspective, it’s far from standard practice. In fact, a western Canadian cow-calf survey found only nine per cent of producers preconditioned in 2013. And those who do typically have a clear financial incentive, said Canfax Research Services manager Brenna Grant. “Frequently, producers consider preconditioning when they have extra […] Read more