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Cattle traceability to pay off in Cargill pilot

UPDATED, Nov. 2 — A pilot program running through one of Canada’s biggest beef packing plants aims to test systems that can show consumers the exact path of their beef from ranch to restaurant — and reward cattle producers for their trouble. Cargill on Wednesday announced a new year-long Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration pilot, with […] Read more

Canadian beef industry gets high marks in sustainability assessment

Canadian beef industry gets high marks in sustainability assessment

Industry needs to reduce meat waste and improve labour practices, but does well on greenhouse gas emissions

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s finally complete. The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef has crunched the numbers and can detail the full impact of what it takes to produce beef in Canada. The National Beef Sustainability Assessment — a first-of-its-kind study — took a comprehensive look at the environmental, social, and economic aspects of beef production. “Throughout the sustainability […] Read more

Steve Easterbrook (centre), the head of the global fast-food giant, visiting Graeme Finn’s ranch near Crossfield in June.

Mission accomplished: McDonald’s sustainable beef on track for 2016

The fast-food giant expects to have 300 beef operations verified by spring — 
and then it will hand off the initiative to the beef sector

Reading Time: 4 minutes McDonald’s Canada will reach its goal of selling “verified sustainable” beef next year, says the company’s senior manager of sustainability. “We’re right on track as far as we know — it’s hard to know how many producers we’ll be able to get interested and get through, but we’ve got some pretty good numbers now,” said […] Read more