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Good news on berthas but watch for hoppers

Reading Time: < 1 minute In his weekly Call of the Land report, Alberta Agriculture insect management specialist Scott Meers says there is good news on bertha armyworm in the province this year. “We’re finding very few bertha armyworm moths, which means we’re not expecting any trouble with them this year,” he said. Only three traps have been found with […] Read more

flea beetle damage on a canola leaf

Alberta weekly pest update

Update as of June 11, 2015

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this week’s Call of the Land update, Alberta Agriculture pest management specialist Scott Meers talks about bertha armyworm traps, flea beetles, cutworms, and barley thrips. To hear Scott’s interview on the Alberta Agriculture website, click here.

fababean crop

Faba bean acreage is soaring — and so is knowledge about growing them

Herbicide sensitivity and heat susceptibility were two issues, and lygus bugs seem to find them tasty

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta is coming off of a pretty good year for faba beans and that brought with it some valuable lessons learned, says an Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development researcher. “This year we saw acreage go from 30,000 to close to 80,000,” said Robyne Bowness, pulse research scientist in Lacombe. “We had more farmers growing faba […] Read more

Wheat stem sawfly

Crop insect forecast maps for 2015

Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network wants you to know what to watch for this upcoming crop year

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network has prepared its insect forecast maps for 2015. Among its usual suspects are names you’re likely familiar with. The links provided below include individual forecast maps for each insect (click on each insect name for a link to its page): Bertha armyworm Grasshopper Wheat midge Cabbage seedpod weevil Pea leaf weevil Wheat […] Read more