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(Scott Bauer photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

Manitoba confirms fourth PED case of year

Another finisher barn in southeastern Manitoba has tested positive for porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in the province’s fourth on-farm case of the disease this year. Manitoba Pork Council general manager Andrew Dickson said barn staff noticed symptoms Sunday. Tests were taken the following day with results confirmed Tuesday. “That doesn’t mean every pig in the […] Read more

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Funding available for swine biocontainment plans

Alberta Pork’s biocontainment plan will help the swine industry control disease in an outbreak situation

Reading Time: 3 minutes To minimize the impact of serious disease on the swine industry, Alberta Pork has a new biocontainment plan that is available for all swine producers. The biocontainment program was launched in conjunction with Growing Forward 2 last month and provides Alberta swine producers with $600 to develop a biocontainment plan with the help of their […] Read more


Biocontainment plan can be a lifesaver during a disease outbreak

The to-do list is a long one in a crisis — and it’s better to have it all set down in writing

Reading Time: 2 minutes No one wants an infectious animal disease outbreak on their farm — but every producer should be ready for one, says an expert on biocontainment plans. “When we get into crisis mode, we tend to forget the important steps and communications pieces that need to be there — by having it all documented ahead of […] Read more

A new technique for “biocontainment” of GMOs may allow the technology to be used to make microbes for uses ranging from producing yogurt to cleaning up toxic waste. (Peggy Greb photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

Scientists create ‘genetic firewall’ for new forms of life

New York | Reuters — A year after creating organisms that use a genetic code different from every other living thing, two teams of scientists have achieved another “synthetic biology” milestone: They created bacteria that cannot survive without a specific manmade chemical, potentially overcoming a major obstacle to wider use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). […] Read more