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The cost of canola seed has been steadily creeping up in recent years and could top $70 an acre for some this year, according to Alberta Agriculture data.

It takes money to make money certainly holds true for canola

The price of the two most popular seed varieties has ‘increased significantly’ in recent years

Reading Time: 2 minutes The price of canola seed “has increased significantly over the past few years” and if crop returns stay high, could go up more, says a market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “Based on the average yearly price, a farmer seeding canola at five pounds per acre will incur a per-acre seed cost of $63 […] Read more

Sheri Strydhorst, one of the province’s better-known crop experts, has joined Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley as an agronomy research specialist.

Familiar figures in the provincial agronomy scene on the move

Two canola council agronomists leave organization while cereal commissions hire second crop specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two longtime Canola Council of Canada agronomists have moved on while another who specializes in cereals has joined Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley. Dan Orchard, who covered agronomy in Wetaskiwin, is now consulting in the same region, and Greg Sekulic, who was responsible for the Peace Country is joining Croplife Australia. “Nobody was cut, nobody […] Read more

The rapid growth of the Canadian canola- crushing sector has been a huge success story, with 14 plants across the country crushing more than 10 million tonnes annually — more than double what it was a decade ago. The sector is now hopeful that canola biodiesel will follow in its footsteps.

Going green could be golden for canola growers

Ottawa’s new ‘clean fuel’ rules could quadruple the amount of canola processed into biodiesel

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ottawa’s new “clean fuel” rules aren’t in place yet — much less new biodiesel plants — but going green will be a big win for canola growers, say industry officials. “We are excited about the opportunity because what drives the demand for feedstock is the ability of that feedstock to lower the carbon emissions of […] Read more

Ottawa’s new Clean Fuel Standard could be a big win for canola growers, says the Canola Council of Canada.

Using more canola for biofuels would be a ‘win win’

Canola Council of Canada backs the federal government’s plan to boost the use of green fuels

Reading Time: 2 minutes Part of the federal government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is drawing qualified praise from the Canola Council of Canada. The organization says it “sees potential in the federal government’s proposed rules for the Clean Fuel Standard.” The measure is intended to “reduce the carbon intensity of the fuels” and one of those ways […] Read more

Knowing emergence and mortality can help you deal with issues that may arise later, such as weed management and crop maturity, says Canola Council of Canada agronomist, Autumn Barnes.

Stand establishment: If it’s bad news, it’s better to know early on

Measuring emergence let’s you know what’s not working and helps to deal with issues this year

Reading Time: 4 minutes Scouting for disease, insects and weeds pays — and so does assessing plant stand establishment, says a Canola Council of Canada agronomist. Getting a handle on emergence (and therefore seed mortality) can reveal which management practices aren’t working, said Autumn Barnes. “If producers go out and get these numbers they can see, just as a […] Read more

Canola producers mark depressing anniversary

One year on, Canada and China seem no closer than ever to resolving canola seed ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s been a year since China banned most imports of Canadian canola, and there’s no end in sight. “It’s a very frustrating situation for producers and the industry,” Jim Everson, president of the Canola Council of Canada, said in an interview at the Canadian Crops Convention here. “There are some exports going to China (but) […] Read more

A canola council project looking at beneficial insects in wetlands, shelterbelts, and other insect habitats caused a Twitter firestorm when farmers thought the organization was partnering with Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Confusing canola council tweet ‘bugs’ farmers

Tweet suggested council and Ducks Unlimited were partnering in agronomy project on beneficial insects

Reading Time: 3 minutes A tweet that suggested the Canola Council of Canada and Ducks Unlimited Canada were working together on an agronomy project prompted a firestorm of angry comments. The tweet, posted on Feb. 1, was about a project on beneficial insects in wetlands, shelterbelts, and other insect habitats. The idea of the canola council and Ducks Unlimited […] Read more

China’s decision to get back at Canada by severely restricting canola seed imports made news all year long.

The Year That Was: China punishes Prairie farmers

For crop growers, China’s canola seed ban was the big news story of 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes China’s near-total ban on Canadian canola seed dominated the news cycle in the past year. “The biggest challenge we faced through 2019 was the blockage of canola seed shipments to China,” said Jim Everson, president of Canola Council of Canada. “China is, of course, a very significant market for canola seed, oil, and meal, but […] Read more

John Guelly tweeted this photo during this year’s harvest with the warning: “When ur out swathing, spraying or harvesting, keep an eye out 4 patches that look brown & dead like this.” Although clubroot wasn’t the cause in this case, taking a proactive approach is critical to managing the disease, which is continuing its relentless march across the province.

The Year That Was: Clubroot continued its deadly march in 2019

The disease didn't make the headlines in 2019 but its assault on Alberta continued

Reading Time: 5 minutes The rapid spread of clubroot in the last decade will continue in the coming one if canola growers don’t start to get ahead of the disease. “The resistance is being overcome already, and some of those cases are pretty significant and serious infestations,” said Dan Orchard, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada. “In […] Read more

The discovery of a new strain of clubroot in Manitoba is a reminder that all canola growers need to have a clubroot management plan, the canola council says.

New clubroot strain found in Manitoba sends a message to all canola growers

Discovery is a reminder growers need to ‘take this disease seriously and implement clubroot management plans’

Reading Time: 3 minutes The discovery of a new clubroot strain not controlled by traditional resistant canola varieties underscores the need to be proactive in keeping clubroot spore numbers low. “This is yet another cue for the industry to continue to take this disease seriously and implement clubroot management plans,” said Dan Orchard, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council […] Read more