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Complete with video, this interactive map outlines a number of climate impacts that could affect Canada.

Website offers climate change forecasts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Developers of a newly launched website say it allows users to see what global warming could mean for their communities or regions in the decades ahead. The Climate Atlas of Canada was developed by the University of Winnipeg’s Prairie Climate Centre. It has data on 2,000 towns, cities, and regions. The centre said the warming […] Read more

industry and nature

The groupthink on CO2 levels ignores some basic science

Views will change as atmospheric CO2 continues to rise with little or no significant change in global temperatures

Reading Time: 3 minutes As an agricultural producer, a former science teacher, and someone who is involved in the delivery of agricultural extension, I would like to submit some comments in relation to Daniel Bezte’s article in the Feb. 13 edition, “Articles on climate change provoke some readers“. The article’s title is entirely fitting because articles on climate change […] Read more

This map shows the total amount of precipitation that fell across the Prairies during January. You can see it was a fairly dry month for most regions, with a large portion of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and western Manitoba seeing less than 60 per cent of average.

Articles on climate change provoke some readers

Like politics and religion, global warming is a polarizing topic —
but it’s one that we should discuss

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the years, some of my weather articles have provoked or inspired various amounts of comments. What surprised me recently was the number of emails I received about the top weather events from around the world in 2016 — in particular, several from readers who accused me of leaning too heavily towards climate change or […] Read more

This map shows the total amount of precipitation that has fallen so far this winter (Nov. 1 to Jan. 15) compared to the long-term average. So far it has been a fairly dry winter across pretty much all regions of Alberta, with western areas being the wettest and northern and eastern regions the driest. Only a few locations west and northwest of Edmonton are above average, with much of the northern and Peace River regions reporting low to extremely low amounts.

The top global weather stories of 2016 had a common theme

Whether you look at temperatures, ice at the poles, air quality, or the 
Fort Mac fires, the evidence of a warming planet is clear

Reading Time: 3 minutes It seems that a new list of the top global weather stories of 2016 comes out every day. So I thought I would go through some of these lists and pick the top stories that are shared by all of the lists. Of course, I might have a slight bias towards Canadian stories. I don’t think […] Read more

This map shows the total amount of precipitation, compared to average, that has fallen across the Prairies during the 60-day period ending Nov. 7. This gives us a good idea of moisture levels heading into freeze-up. The map shows a large portion of the Prairies has seen above-average rainfall (blue regions) with the wettest areas found in Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. The only below-average areas are found in south-central Alberta and extreme far northwestern Alberta.

Will it be a typical La Niña winter on the Prairies this year?

La Niña usually brings more snow and colder temperatures, 
but some forecasts are painting a different picture for this year

Reading Time: 3 minutes After nearly 11 months of global record-setting temperatures, North America has had its turn seeing the warmest weather on the planet — at least when compared to average. I’ll have to admit: It really bugs me when people use the infamous line, “Where is global warming now?” every time temperatures in their region are colder […] Read more

This graphic shows the annual global temperature anomalies dating back to 1880 (solid red line). The shaded bars show the anomalies per decade. As you can easily see, global temperatures have been increasing quite drastically since the late 1970s.

The global weather stories of the year? Mine are heat and hurricanes

El Niño combined with ongoing global warming to set yet another temperature record and also fuelled major hurricanes and typhoons

Reading Time: 3 minutes I figured I would begin our look back at 2015’s weather from a global perspective and then zoom into North America, Canada, and Western Canada in particular, in an upcoming article. I have to pretty much agree with the top two 2015 global weather stories that nearly every website has come up with — 2015 […] Read more