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High fire risk means burning unharvested crops should be a ‘last resort’

High fire risk means burning unharvested crops should be a ‘last resort’

Extension specialist says cereal crops may have more value than expected, and a ‘normal’ spring looks likely

Reading Time: 4 minutes For Clair Langlois, burning unharvested cereal crops this spring should be “a last resort.” “It is quick, but it’s very risky,” said the provincial cereal extension specialist. “With Slave Lake followed by Fort McMurray, a lot of these municipalities are not tickled pink about burning. “So you’ve got to have a Plan B ready to […] Read more

The long harvest of 2016, no thanks to the weather

Alberta crop conditions as of November 29 (Final report of 2016)

Reading Time: 2 minutes The harvest season for 2016 was one of the longest ones on record. Some producers began harvest operations in the first week of August and were unable to complete it until the end of November, due to cool wet weather that delayed harvest progress. As of November 29, Alberta producers combined 90 per cent of […] Read more

Autumn Harvest

Limit your exposure to dust and moulds during harvest

Reading Time: < 1 minute Take into consideration moulds and dust when doing your safety planning for harvest. Threshing and grain moving leads airborne dust and moulds. Breathing in these elements can affect workers’ health and comfort, and, for someone with allergies, it can be life threatening. To limit exposure have the correct and clean air filter in place when […] Read more

Rick Mercer posing for a harvest photo with Alberta farmers

Don’t let this comedian drive your combine

Rick Mercer rolls into Round Hill at harvest time

Reading Time: 2 minutes Most farmers just go about their harvest days combining by themselves, alone in the cab. But that goes out the window when CBC TV star Rick Mercer shows up. “They had about three or four cameras all over the combine, and a drone with a camera on it taking pictures,” said Round Hill producer Humphrey […] Read more