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Southern Saskatchewan dry, but Prairies mostly OK for now

CNS Canada — Dry conditions in southern Saskatchewan are cause for vigilance, but rain could still pull out a healthy harvest, according to a provincial soil and nutrient specialist. The area of concern lies within a triangle shape, with the northern tip at Saskatoon, one arm stretching southeast to Weyburn, Estevan and the U.S. border, […] Read more

The view from John Guelly’s swather on Aug. 31 is a scary sight — standing water in his canola crop left over from a late-season rain storm on Aug. 22.

The challenge ahead: Getting a decent price for downgraded crops

Discounts for lower grades are widening, and working the phones with grain buyers is crucial if you have good quality

The rain started falling in the middle of the night on Aug. 22, dumping two inches of water on John Guelly’s mature crops in less than 12 hours. And then the storm started. “I thought we had the worst of it, and then it ratcheted itself up. We ended up getting almost seven inches in […] Read more

Soggy conditions stress Saskatchewan’s crops

CNS Canada –– Crops were hit hard by rain in many parts of the province during the period of July 5-11, according to a report from the Saskatchewan government. Lloydminster, Estevan and Carrot River were just a few of the communities hit hardest by the precipitation. In some cases, areas in eastern and southern regions […] Read more

Storms trim potential for big Prairie crops

Reuters — Heavy rain and strong winds are likely to curb the potential for Western Canada’s crops, government officials said, but the harvest may still be bigger than average. Pockets across Saskatchewan, Canada’s biggest wheat- and canola-growing province, received as much as five inches of rain, strong winds and hail since Sunday. The storms flattened […] Read more

Severe weather causing problems for Manitoba crops

CNS Canada — Manitoba was pummelled over the weekend with heavy rains, winds and even hail in some areas, leaving various crops around the province a little beat up. “It’s a little too early to say what the final impact will be, but crops that saw that severe weather system did see some crop damage,” […] Read more

India to launch new crop insurance scheme

New Delhi | Reuters — India will launch a new farm crop insurance scheme early next year and use drones and other technologies to assess crop damage, the agriculture minister said Wednesday, in what could be Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first major move to address rural hardship. The impact of unseasonal rains and two straight […] Read more

Sask. widens wolf harvest pilot area

Last winter’s pilot project to push wolves back from ranches and farms in northeastern Saskatchewan will expand west this winter. Saskatchewan’s environment ministry on Wednesday announced a wolf hunt will run from Dec. 15 this year until March 31, 2016 in wildlife management zones (WMZs) 49 and 53. The wolf hunt pilot program ran from […] Read more