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Province needs to soften the carbon tax blow

‘Team Alberta’ is pitching enhanced carbon credits

Reading Time: 4 minutes The carbon tax has kicked in, but producers are still trying to figure out its impact — and what can be done to ease the hit on the bottom line. “Everything we buy — whether it is in inputs, fertilizers, freights, parts, machinery — all of those service providers to us are all impacted. Their […] Read more

A carbon tax will be applied to gas, diesel, and natural gas, but large emitters will face additional measures.

Here’s a primer on carbon taxes and cap and trade in Canada

Alberta is emulating B.C. with a carbon tax, Ontario and Quebec favour 
cap and trade, and Saskatchewan opposes carbon pricing

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the federal government’s announcement in October of a national carbon pricing policy, many farmer conversations have turned to what a carbon tax is and how it differs from a cap-and-trade system. The government’s plan requires all provinces and territories to have a price on carbon by 2018. In Western Canada, two provinces — B.C. […] Read more

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B.C. farmers learned to live with a carbon tax

Reading Time: < 1 minute B.C.’s carbon tax didn’t make its farmers less competitive, says a carbon tax expert. Brandon Schaufele studied its effect on agricultural trade for 12 different commodities and found the competitiveness of B.C. products wasn’t reduced. “There was very little evidence that the carbon taxes impacted trade at all,” said the assistant professor at the Ivey […] Read more