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Flea beetle. (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Forecast, flea beetles complicate canola timing

Dry conditions make ideal seeding time difficult to peg

Drought conditions, and the odds of more to come, have some Prairie canola growers pondering when to roll the dice on seeding, if they want to do more than feed the flea beetles. Small-seeded crops, such as canola, have garnered particular concern from agronomists and producers worried about germination, given power dry topsoil across much […] Read more

Flea beetles are ever present but there is at least one new seed treatment coming out this year, says entomology professor, Boyd Mori.

Average year expected for insect pests in Alberta

But as usual, local conditions mean producers need to ‘scout, scout, and scout’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Insect pressure dropped in 2020, and Alberta producers can expect much the same for 2021. “In general, 2020 wasn’t really a big insect year, especially compared to past years,” said Boyd Mori, an assistant professor of agricultural and ecological entomology at the University of Alberta. “We had flea beetle pressure like we always do, but a lot […] Read more

Alberta weekly pest update

Alberta weekly pest update

Crop insect conditions as of June 25

Reading Time: < 1 minute Conditions have been hot and dry across much of Alberta. What has this meant for insect populations and their pressure on crops? Insects that like the dry heat such as flea beetles and grasshoppers comprise the usual suspects, but there are several others as well. In his weekly ‘Call of the Land’ broadcast, Scott Meers offers […] Read more

flea beetle damage on a canola leaf

Alberta weekly pest update

Update as of June 11, 2015

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this week’s Call of the Land update, Alberta Agriculture pest management specialist Scott Meers talks about bertha armyworm traps, flea beetles, cutworms, and barley thrips. To hear Scott’s interview on the Alberta Agriculture website, click here.

Flea beetle feeding (Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Pests likely to survive Manitoba winter

CNS Canada –– Sufficient snow cover will likely help insect crop pests survive the winter in Manitoba, despite a recent bout of extremely cold weather. “Snow is a great insulator, so even though we have had some quite cool temperatures the last several weeks, where the insects are beneath the snow it’s actually nice and […] Read more