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Federal food labelling proposal has dairy farmers concerned

CNS Canada — While trade deals have had Canadian dairy farmers concerned about losing market share domestically, a recent proposal to change food package labeling could potentially be more damaging to the industry. Health Canada launched consultations in February for its proposed new front-of-packaging labeling. The proposal, part of Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy, would […] Read more

An unsettling discovery via a cool summer treat

Who would have guessed that propylene glycol 
is a permitted ingredient in a food product?

Long warm days call for cool refreshing treats such as ice cream. One afternoon I was enjoying a milky bar — ignoring the calories and savouring the apparent goodness — when I glanced at the ingredients on the box. Sugar, fat, cholesterol in mind-numbing percentages were accepted — with a good dose of guilt. What […] Read more

Consumers driving changes in the food sector

Transparency in food labelling and no GMOs are among the top consumer food trends

The relationship between consumers and their food is no longer ‘from field to fork,’ says the former VP of innovation for Loblaws. “It’s actually from fork to field,” said Paul Uys, who spoke at the Conference on Food Innovation in late May. “Consumers are increasingly driving the food supply chain. It’s all about connecting with […] Read more

New booklets offer help for farm-direct marketers

A pair of new booklets — one on regulations and one on labels — can help farm-direct marketers better understand the regulations around their businesses. The regulations booklet looks at both federal and provincial legislation and how acts and regulation can affect direct marketers. The food labels booklet looks at basic labelling requirements, including sections […] Read more

Vermont becomes first state to mandate GMO labelling

Governor says people ‘have the right to 
know what’s in their food’

Vermont became the first U.S. state to mandate labelling of foods made with genetically modified organisms — a law expected to be challenged in court by some food and agriculture companies. The law, set to take effect July 1, 2016, sets the stage for more than two dozen other states that are currently considering mandatory […] Read more